Die Hülle das Thema der Takt –
15 Ereignisse in 7 Teilen
The cover the topic the beat – 15 events in 7 parts. Our five senses help to recognise our environment. Sight is our most dominant sense. How can you use your senses to communicate? How can your senses become communication tools? Not only sight and hearing, but also taste, smell and touch? Since eating is a multi sensorial experience, I chose the dinner to represent my project. Taste, smell, texture, appearance, sound and associations are key stimulus. During dinner the guests’ senses are activated and start to communicate. In a theatre of senses with seven menus guests can experience a sequence of various sensations.Diploma Thesis

Part 1/3 I set up a trial dinner with twenty people to take part in. Everybody tried 19 different small dishes and was asked to tell something about appearance, expectation of taste and the actual taste. Out of it developed the final menu. Portrait photographs show snapshots of different reactions.

Corresponding parts Dinner documentation and The dinner
Photography: Ilda Kim, Chris Spatschek
Video: Viola Kup / Sound: Andrés Andrade


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