Menu n°1
Menu poster: more is more is more is more
Menu: puree: cherry, raspberry, beet root with panacotta, mint leaf
Action: You are fed.
Sound: motive addiction
Light: constantly ten spot lights
Reaction: careful addiction

Menu n°2
Menu poster: listen follow do. listen follow!
Menu: melon, persimmon, sweet potato, cheddar, pumpkin, papaya
Action: Six similar cubes/dices, six times they taste different.
Sound: motive force, obsession
Light: spot lights appear, disappear, reproduce, speed up
Reaction: obsessive repetition

Menu n°3
Menu poster: you see there is nothing
Menu: jellybaby, physalis with wasabi, physalis and chilli, slapstick,
zucchini with chocolate coating
Action: Everything is chocolate, or not?
Sound: motive irritation
Light: constant light
Reaction: irritation
Die Hülle das Thema der Takt –
15 Ereignisse in 7 Teilen
The cover the topic the beat – 15 events in 7 parts. Our five senses help to recognise our environment. Sight is our most dominant sense. How can you use your senses to communicate? How can your senses become communication tools? Not only sight and hearing, but also taste, smell and touch? Since eating is a multi sensorial experience, I chose the dinner to represent my project. Taste, smell, texture, appearance, sound and associations are key stimulus. During dinner the guests’ senses are activated and start to communicate. In a theatre of senses with seven menus guests can experience a sequence of various sensations.Diploma Thesis

Part 3/3 Room (= the cover) – dinner, experience (= the topic) – text posters, menu (= the beat) – sensorial experience (= 15 events) – 7 courses (= in 7 parts) The dinner takes place in a white room furnished with a table for ten guests, light and sound. Instead of a menu there were seven posters which announced the courses. The texts are quite conceptional. They do not tell anything about dishes but rather give the impression for the following experience. At the end of the dinner the guests received a menu with the text »Worthappen« by Ulrike Keuper and the revalation of the menus. Menu
posters (original size 70 cm × 100 cm) and ingredient lists were collected from
all the seven courses.

Corresponding parts Dinner test and Dinner documentation

Thank you for
Photography: Ilda Kim, Chris Spatschek
Audio: Andrés Andrade
Technical support: Sebastian Schäfer, Vincent Schneider
Cooks: Simoné Gier, Claudia Kappenberger, Lisa Pommerenke, Kristina Pruss, Nadja Schoch, Bea Stach
Poster text inspiration: Jonas Fechner, Vincent Schneider, Peter Stahmer
Speaker: Marko Grewe, Simon Roth, Niklas Horn
Product Design: Wolfgang Zender
Processing: Cedric Kiefer
Text »Worthappen«: Ulrike Keuper
Waiter/Waitresses: Damian Domes, Susanne Feldt, Julia Gebhardt, Simoné Gier, Laura Jungmann, Claudia Kappenberger, Larissa Mantel, Nadja Schoch, Lisa Stöckel, Grit Werner

Cordial thanks
Simoné Gier, Claudia Kappenberger, Lisa Pommerenke, Kristina Pruss, Nadja Schoch, Bea Stach



Menu n°4
Menu poster: I follow you why you follow me?
Menu: coloured mashed potatoes, coloured marzipan, tomato filled with
coloured fresh cheese
Action: The colour of food changes with the light.
Sound: –
Light: green aflame room shifted to red
Reaction: mysterious

Menu n°5
Menu poster: at once the view changes
Menu: gazpacho: kiwi fruit-cucumber, passion fruit-cucumber, strawberry-mint,
fruit juice caviar
Action: Suddenly ants scuttle over the table.
Sound: –
Light: projection of ants on the table
Reaction: surprise

Menu n°6
Menu poster: are you empty?
Menu: rocket salad, olive, apple puree, yoghurt with salt, orange with
balsamic vinegar, honey, pepper, salt
Action: Eating without seeing anything, voices ring out.
Sound: motive irritation, voices rant
Light: –
Reaction: disorientation

Menu n°7
Menu poster: sometimes I go. sometimes I stay.
Menu: miracle fruit (after consumption sour tastes sweet), lemon, lime,
grape fruit, pickled cucumber, vinegar, sherbet powder
Action: Actually everything should taste sour, or?!
Sound: motive confusion
Light: extreme bright light
Reaction: confusion

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